10) Access: Students have many options for travelling into university. The Musselburgh train station is located right next to campus (it takes roughly 6 minutes to journey into Edinburgh city centre), the bus stop next to the Students' Union allows access all around Edinburgh, and the university has two bypass routes nearby, so driving is easy.

9) Societies/Teams: Queen Margaret University has many clubs and societies, ranging from sports such as football and rugby, to the creative arts e.g. Cobweb Theatre Group, to even Anime. This allows those with different interests to expand their horizons and possibly try something new. The numerous societies also mean you’ll meet plenty of great people.

8) Shopping: Whether you need supplies for accommodation or simply want something to eat, there are multiple shopping opportunities at QMU. For example, the University is home to a food court and uni shop. There is also a Co-Op located 5 minutes down the road, and a Tesco is roughly a 5 minute drive/15 minute walk away.

7) Students' Union: This is the be-all and end-all of student life. You can collect a Society Card, have something to eat or drink at our uni café, Maggie’s, play a game of pool or simply chill on the couch with friends.

6) Lecturers: Speaking to your lecturers isn’t like talking to teachers in school. It’s much more informal, you’re able to refer to them by their first name, and they have the same interests i.e. your subject. If you have any questions, simply ask them via email or in person. They’re happy to help.

5) Accommodation: Student flats are located right next to campus. Showers, beds, cookers and sinks are provided. Several bike sheds are nearby, in addition to a central laundry room and a reception for those who have any queries.

4) Studying: Students get access to IT facilities 24/7. The library provides quiet/silent study rooms.

3) Friends: For those starting uni, everyone else is in the same boat. Don’t be afraid to talk to others since they’ll most likely know as much as you do.  You could possibly meet life-long friends by doing this.

2) Mental Health: Students transitioning from high school to uni could be stressed about deadlines. If you’re unsure, ask a friend or lecturer and they’ll be sure to offer you advice.

1) The Uni Experience: Enjoy yourself! QMU can be a relaxing place to study and socialise. There are walking routes nearby for those who wish to take a break, and a Starbucks for those who’d like a refreshment.

James Scott

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