Family business as a research field has developed significantly in recent years and there is quite a lot of research that looks at succession in general and indeed father/daughter succession.

As more women start, run and lead businesses, however, new questions develop: How will women pass on businesses to the next generation? Will the gender of the family business leader make a difference within the succession process? Will the gender of the next generation make a difference within the succession process? There is very little research in this area at present, but the team at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh are beginning some initial and exploratory research to look at this. The results will be important for our work in family business education and of interest in a more general sense as UK Government policy continues to encourage women to start their own business. The first publication to come from this will probably be a contribution to a book looking at gender and entrepreneurship in a more general sense, but we would also be very interested to hear from family businesses at any stage of the succession process who would be keen to share their experiences. 

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MSc International Management and Leadership with Family and Smaller Enterprises

Claire Seaman

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