With its modern design and an airy main atrium, designed for the easy flow of people, our campus is well suited for physical distancing.


Quality catering

With a number of catering outlets across the campus, we can provide our high quality catering with physical distancing.

Space for private study

As our Learning Resource Centre forms a full quarter of our main academic building, we are well placed to provide physically distanced study space.

Green space

There is plenty of inspiring outdoor space to enjoy in and around our beautiful campus grounds.


On campus, we have an extensive set of safety measures in place, including:

  • one-way systems in our main circulation areas and other physical distancing measures;
  • temperature checks;
  • hand sanitizing stations (including hand sanitizers plus wipes etc as appropriate).
  • rigorous hygiene procedures, including cleaning of classrooms between classes and high frequency cleaning of key touch points;
  • specification of reduced occupancy in classrooms and meeting rooms;
  • new signage in place to advise on physical distancing and systems for ensuring the safe flow of students and staff through our buildings.

Use of face coverings on campus

The University expects everyone to wear a face covering when moving around the campus and when physical distancing is not possible. This is in line with current Scottish Government advice that face coverings should be worn in enclosed spaces where physical distancing is difficult and you might come into close contact with a lot of people. In accordance with Scottish Government requirements, the use of face coverings within the LRC is mandatory. We respect the rights of those who cannot wear face coverings for medical reasons. Face coverings will not be required in classes, unless physical distancing is compromised for some reason*. Some staff may opt to wear face visors or face coverings when teaching even when it is not mandatory.

* This requirement will change in the event that East Lothian is designated a level 3 or 4 coronavirus area by the Scottish Government. Even then, there may be circumstances where face coverings need to be temporarily removed during learning or teaching activities for safety or practical reasons, for example close proximity to an open flame. In these instances, physical distancing and other mitigations appropriate to the circumstances must be in place.

What to expect when you visit catering outlets on campus

When you visit our catering outlets on campus, our friendly team of staff in all areas will guide you and keep you safe. Currently, all of our outlets are open – 1875, Starbucks and Maggie’s Bar & Café.

Here’s what to expect in each area:

  • We are operating to 1m+ distancing
  • Please wear a face covering when you move throughout these areas.
  • Please do not move the furniture in the catering spaces
  • Our staff will all be wearing face coverings.
  • Please do pay special attention to the directional signage in these areas.
  • There is a one-way entrance and exit system in our catering areas. Please look out for directional signage and maintain physical distancing throughout.
  • We encourage all payments to be via Way2Pay. You can also pay using contactless. 
  • Please remember that we can only allow a maximum of two households (up to 6 people) to sit together indoors and outdoors.

Please note that we are not currently accepting re-usable cups in any of our catering outlets. 

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Our dedicated COVID email is now open for students who want to speak directly to someone at QMU about any COVID-related questions or concerns. 

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