Further advice and updates are also available  from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (including advice on travel), the World Health Organisation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Please remember that anyone can call NHS 111 for medical advice – you do not need to be registered with a GP to call. 

The government has issued Guidance on social distancing and Stay at home guidance which provide information on these policies.

 How to handwash? Guidance from WHO diagram

How to handwash - advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO)

  1. Wet hands with water
  2. Apply enough soap to cover all hand surfaces
  3. Rub hands palm-to-palm
  4. Right palm over left dorsum and vice versa
  5. Palm-to-palm with fingers interlaced
  6. Back of fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked
  7. Rotational rubbing of left thumb clasped in right palm and vice versa
  8. Rotational rubbing backwards and forwards with clasped fingers of right hand in left palm and vice versa
  9. Rinse hands with water
  10. Dry hands thoroughly with a single-use towel
  11. Use towel to turn off faucet
  12. Your hands are now safe

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