Firefly is the international hub for research which underpins the Model of Human Occupation (MOHO). 

We have developed a community of Occupational Therapy (OT) researchers, educators, and practitioners, who innovate and research together to a) improve OT service delivery and b) understand and improve the effectiveness of OT interventions. 

As one of the largest groups of research active OTs in the UK, our team includes OT research staff, clinical research practitioners, research assistants, and doctoral students. Our research includes the development of OT assessments and interventions and testing the effectiveness of OT interventions.

Our research teams cover a range of OT practice settings including child and family (CIRCLE, ChangeXChange, ACHIEVE); physical disability (SWITCH); mental health (ACTIVATE, EVALUATE, Transformation Station, FLIGHTGATE, Wayfinder) and older people (Making it Clear, Dementia Narrative, The Mary Collaboration, Attila).



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Firefly Contact Professor Kirsty Forsyth