By IGHD 19 November 2018


“Navigating fragility: lessons from health system research and practice”  Conference brought together researchers and implementers from different settings (Sierra Leone, Australia, Oxford) to share their insights and debate their questions with audience.

What is fragility? (Dr Karin Diaconu, IGHD)

This talk highlights the findings of a recently conducted scoping review spanning over 300 documents around the concept of ‘fragility’ and its use in global health research more specifically. 

Download the Presentations Slides here                    


Views from Sierra Leone: challenges and opportunities for the health sector in this fragile setting (Dr Haja Wurie, COMAHS)

This talk presents insights from research conducted by RUHF on the health system in Sierra Leone with regards to opportunities and barriers within the broader health sector, with particular focus on mental health and non-communicable disease.

Download the Presentation Slides here                       


Where are we at with health systems research into fragility? (Prof Barbara McPake, Nossal Institute)

Considering the case of the attempt to achieve a ‘sea change’ in the performance of the health systems of the post-Ebola countries after 2015, the conundrums of finding entry points to achieve systemic change is explored, and their implications for health systems research.

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Key considerations for health financing in FACS settings: insights from a collaboration with WHO (Prof Sophie Witter, IGHD)

Working with the WHO, QMU staff have been probing literature and expert views on the main challenges and which strategies have been deployed to manage health financing in fragile and conflict-affected settings (FACS). This presentation will draw out some patterns and lessons aimed at FCAS policy-makers and development actors working with and supporting them.

Download the Presentations Slides here     


Financing essential health services in countries experiencing extreme fragility – contrasting approaches in Lybia, the Somali States, South Sudan and DRC (Dr Nigel Pearson, International Consultant) –  This presentation compares themes of health financing in these contrasting countries, including essential service packages, health benefits, financial management and accountability, service delivery and procurement models, donor financing and, information sharing and tracking financial inputs.

Download the Presentation Slides here                


Reflecting on ‘innovative’ health financing: findings from research on performance-based financing (PBF) in fragile and humanitarian settings (Dr Maria Bertone, IGHD) – Based on research carried out by ReBUILD, this presentation reflects on the theory and practice of PBF in fragile countries to explore the drivers of PBF adoption, the role of internal and external actors, and the lessons learned in implementing such mechanisms during humanitarian crisis.

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