Division of Psychology, Sociology and Education

Our focus is on teaching and research that can make a real and practical difference in the world.

We offer a stimulating environment in which students can develop the intellectual and professional edge needed for working with 21st century society, and in which our staff work on outward-facing, innovative and cross-disciplinary research.

Spanning psychology, sociology (fore-fronting public sociology) and education, we offer a range of student-focused and research-informed undergraduate and postgraduate courses as set out below. Each course offers students the opportunity to work closely with staff on current, real-world projects and collaborations.

We also offer PhD opportunities and a Master of Research (MRes) which provides a strong foundational training for researchers across a wide range of disciplines and professions seeking to continue to doctoral studies or to develop careers in academic research.

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Our research
Outward-facing, innovative and cross-disciplinary research


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